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PSP repair, unbinding

Taisykla7 is made by the reliable Sony PSP repairs and unbinding.

  • Replacing PSP components, parts
  • PSP motherboard repair
  • Handling a PSP optical drive
  • Soldering/replacing a broken PSP socket
  • PSP software repair, configuration
  • Unbinding the PSP

We always carry out an initial diagnosis within 1 working day before repairs. Need more detailed information? Contact us.

psp repair

Most common faults

  • PSP is slow;
  • PSP is stuck;
  • The PSP does not turn on at all;
  • The PSP switches off after a few minutes;
  • The PSP starts up, the lights come on, but nothing shows up on the screen;
  • The PSP switches off after a few minutes;
  • PSP games are stuck
  • The PSP does not read or struggles to read discs;
  • PSP optical drive is not working, ReMarry required;
  • PSP socket not working
  • Other various signs of PSP failure

Repairable models

  • PSP 1000 series
  • PSP 2000 series
  • PSP 3000 series
  • PSP E1000 series
  • PSP Vita series
  • PSP Go

How to repair your PSP.

Unbinding the PSP

  • PSP 1000
  • PSP 2000
  • PSP 3000
  • PSP E1000

Various options available Untethering the PSP Methods:

  • Softmod CFW
  • Other methods