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Nintendo repair, unbinding

Taisykla7 is performed Nintendo repair and unbinding. We work with all types of Nintendo consoles - Switch, Wii, Wii-U, DS, 3DS and more.

  • WII repairs
  • Unbinding WII
  • DS, DSi, DS XL, 3DS repairs
  • Untying the DS
  • Switch repair
  • Unbinding the Switch
  • Repair of Nintendo power supplies and accessories

All types of faults are repaired.

  • Nintendo motherboard repairs
  • Upgrading cooling systems and dust cleaning
  • Optical equipment repair, laser replacement
  • Rewiring / repairing broken HDMI - USB sockets
  • Replacing Nintendo parts
  • Nintendo WII, Switch, DS software management, configuration

We always carry out an initial diagnosis within 1 working day before repairs. Need more detailed information? Contact us.

nintendo repair

The most common Nintendo faults

  • Does not turn on at all
  • Stringa games
  • Do not read or struggle to read discs
  • USB not working
  • Slow running
  • Strings
  • Switches off after a few minutes of exposure
  • Starts up, lights on, but nothing shows on the screen
  • Switches off after a few minutes of exposure
  • Optical device not working, ReMarry required
  • The buttons on the remote control do not work;
  • Nintendo console doesn't behave as it should
  • Other miscellaneous faults

How Nintendo repairs are done.

Nintendo WII/Switch Unbinding

There are different ways to unbind Nintendo:

  • Softmod Homebrew
  • Hardmod Homebrew
  • Other methods