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TomTom, Garmin, iGo update

Taisykla7 for all types of portable navigation devices (PNDs) Repair and update of TomTom, Garmin, iGo and others. We update with the latest Lithuanian and European maps. We can record road maps for both cars and trucks.

  • Updating TomTom navigation maps
  • TomTom navigation repair
  • Garmin navigation map update
  • Garmin navigation repair
  • Updating and repairing navigation devices with iGo maps

We also record navigation on iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and other phones, and carry out various repairs.

  • Replacing broken navigation screens
  • Rewiring broken sockets
  • Recording radar, speed cameras, landmarks
  • Software overwriting
  • Lithuanian language implementation, voices
  • Repair of all software and technical faults

We always carry out an initial diagnosis within 1 working day before repairs. Need more detailed information? Contact us.

tomtom update

iGo / Garmin / TomTom upgrade and repair - price list

These are indicative prices. Prices do not include parts. Exact prices vary depending on the specifics of the fault - sometimes the part can be repaired, sometimes it needs to be replaced (parts prices vary for each navigation and require disassembly of the navigation to determine the price). Diagnostics are usually carried out on the same day if brought in before lunchtime. Otherwise, the next working day. Post-diagnosis work is usually completed within 1-5 working days. When specific parts need to be ordered, work may take longer.

  • 3 euros - diagnostics, fault and repair timescales, by telephone
  • from €15 - replacing or repairing a power or other socket (usually broken)
  • from 10 eur - replacing the screen (matrix)
  • from 12 eur - updating or recording iGo navigation for various manufacturers
  • 64 euros - TomTom, Garmin navigation upgrade (includes the cost of the necessary licence)

iGO's latest map information.