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Repair of construction tools

Professionally performed repair of household and construction power tools (up to 100 kg) repairs. Repairs are carried out for all manufacturers such as Makita, Bosch, Atlas, Max, Hilti, Dewalt, Festool, Eibenstock, Unibor, Kress, Protool, Hitachi, Milwaukee, Metabo, Fein, AEG and other manufacturers.

We also repair other construction tools: drilling machines, rivets, nailers, fixing guns, cutting tools (circular saws, straight saws, tile cutters, paving saws).

Attention! If you have insurance on your property, we will issue repair certificates to your insurance and your insurance will cover the cost of repairs before or after the repair. We work with all insurance companies.

We always carry out an initial diagnosis within 1 working day before repairs. Need more detailed information? Contact us.

construction tool for repairs

Repair of construction tools - price list

Tool fault detection (diagnostics).5 €
Welding machine repairs / semi-automatic machine repairs (throws a message that it overheats and doesn't work / doesn't work at all / turns on, fan rotates, shows current but doesn't weld / turns on, makes a few centimetres of weld and doesn't continue welding / lights on but doesn't work / voltage jumps / only the relay zigs and zags / power is not regulated and welds at e.g. maximum power only / current disappears, and other similar faults in the mechanics or the electric part)From 35 €2 months.
Inverter repairs (switch out / not working at all / green light not on / yellow light on / smoke smoke when switched on / filter cover popped off / not cooking / not holding load and other similar mechanical or electrical faults)From 35 €2 months.
Repair of perforators, repair of splitting hammers (not switching on at all / not working, broken / unstable chuck - does not remove / does not hold the chisel, motor working but not hammering / hammering is not working / motor defective / reduced speed / smoke appearing / stops when running - no power / no force / no power / no power / turning on the click - not stable - battery, battery / replacement of carbons needed, etc. mechanical or electrical part faults)From 25 €2 months.
Repair of angle grinders (no rotation / need to replace carbons / excessive noise / whirring / completely out of action / sticking disc / vibrating / unstable disc / extraneous noises / broken parts, etc., etc. mechanical or electrical faults)From 25 €2 months.
Milling machine repairs (jamming / not starting / engine heating up etc.)From 25 €2 months.
Repair of spinners, repair of impact spinners (not spinning / sometimes spinning sometimes not / lights on but not working / head spinning, stuck / sparks going / wobbling / not turning on at all, and other similar mechanical or electrical faults)From 15 €2 months.
Repair of drilling machines / drills, wet drills (constantly running in chiselling mode / not switching on at all / not holding, drill dropping out / dropped, lost power / sparking / key light on / smell of sweat / chuck not turning / not chiselling / only turning in one direction / making too much sound and other similar mechanical / electrical faults)From 20 €2 months.
Repair of cutting tools, repair of circular saws, repair of straight saws, repair of tile cutters, repair of paving cutters, repair of narrow saws. (Starts to cut and stops / blade won't turn / motor faulty / saw not holding / motor running but saw won't turn / smoke smoke / water pump not working / water pump not working / shakes on contact / won't start / not working, etc. etc. mechanical or electrical faults)From 20 €2 months.
Defect certificate for the insurance company (paid by the insurance)25 €

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