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Repair of welding machines

Taisykla7 is carried out for all types repair of welding machines. Guaranteed. Insurance certificates are issued.

  • Welding inverter repairs
  • Repair of MIG / TIG / ARC welding machines
  • Repair of plasmas
  • Repair of semi-automatic machines

We repair all types and brands of appliances.

Telwin Tecnica 144, Telwin Tecnica 164, Lincoln electric Intertec V300, Suptec MMA 160, Suptec MMA 200, Pirotec SI 200/1, Fronius, Ergus, Einhell, Sherman, Kraft dele, Boxer, Deca Mos 138, Deca Mos 168, Kemppi Master 2200, Kemppi Mastertig 2200, Kemppi Minarc 140, Kemppi Minarc 150, Esab Caddy Professional 200, Esab Caddy Professional 250, Esab Origo Arc 150, Lincoln electric Invertec V270, Lincoln electric Invertec V130, Jasic, Strom, Vortex, Redok, Migatronic, Longweld, and others.

We repair both simple mechanical faults (stuck switch, etc.) and electronic faults (light bulb on but not working; not switching on, etc.).

welding machine for repair