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Repair of robotic pumps

Taisykla7 carries out various repair of robot pumps. We repair all types and brands of robots: Philips, Samsung, Xiaomi, Ambrogio, Mamibot, Zodiac, Bosch, Ecovacs, Worx, Makita, Ecovacs, RoboVac, Miele, Beetles, Eufy, iRobot, Hobot, Neato, Jisiwei, iLife, Seebest, Infinuvo, Eworld, Moneual, Dibea, Al-ko, Bobsweep, Rumbot and other manufacturers:

  • Repair of professional robotic pumps
  • Repair of domestic / household robot pumps
  • Repair of pool cleaning robots
  • Repair of window cleaning robots

Attention! If you have home insurance, we will issue repair certificates to your insurance and your insurance will cover the cost of repairs before or after the repair. We work with all insurance companies.

We always carry out an initial diagnosis within 1 working day before repairs. Need more detailed information? Contact us.

Robotic pump repairs - price list

Troubleshooting (diagnostics) of a robot pump or window cleaner5 €
Complete reassembly and cleaning, prophylaxisFrom 25 €
Repair/replacement of switching circuit or buttonFrom 25 €2 months.
Motherboard repairs (usually when it won't turn on or has poor suction)From 40 €2 months.
Robot navigation repair, sensor repair/replacement, laser repair/replacement, camera repair/replacement (mostly when lost, can't see the road, driving wrong)From 30 €2 months.
Mechanical repairs (broken wheels / cleaning brushes)From 35 €2 months.
Replacement of broken hull partsFrom 15 €
Battery repair Replacement (often when the battery doesn't turn on or charge or when the battery is too short)From 30 €2 months.
Repairing a robot loading station, often after mechanical or moisture damageFrom 20 €2 months.
Certificate of defect of the robot to the insurance company (paid by the insurance)25 €

Most common faults

You can read more about how robotic pump repairs are carried out here.

  • Pypsi
  • Not running
  • Does not suck
  • Does not perform a certain function
  • Non-timely battery
  • Squeaky wheels
  • Displays a specific error message
  • Pasimeta
  • Does not switch on completely
  • Slightly affected, switches off
  • Not loading
  • After receiving moisture
  • Brushes do not rotate
  • Driving for the wrong purpose
  • Switches off after 1 metre
  • One wheel does not turn
  • The laser does not turn on
  • No traction
  • No forward or reverse motion
  • Navigation eye does not rotate
  • Fell down the stairs
  • Running too loud
  • Turns on but doesn't start working