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Scooter repairs

Taisykla7 professionally carries out all types and manufacturers electric scooter repairs. It is also carried out repair of wheels Repair of electric vehicles and other means of electric transport.

  • Electric scooter repairs
  • Repair of wheels
  • Segway repair
  • Hoverbard repair

Repairs are carried out on the most popular e-scooters in Lithuania (Xiaomi M365 repair, Ninebot repair) as well as skateboards, segways and electric scooters (Speedway, Inokim, Manta, Oxboard, SoloGo, Yakka, Monowheel and other manufacturers). We work with the manufacturers' parts suppliers, which not only guarantees the highest quality of work, but also allows us to keep our prices low, avoiding middlemen. We use original parts for repairs. We offer a guarantee.

We always carry out an initial diagnosis within 1 working day before repairs. Need more detailed information? Contact us.

If you have home insurance or the appliance is insured, we can issue a defect certificate to the insurance company.

Scooter repairs - price list

Troubleshooting (diagnostics) for e-scooters5 €
Replacing a rear tyre/chamberFrom 10 €
Replacing a front tyre/chamberFrom 15 €
Replacing the screen / displayFrom 15 €2 months.
Reassembly/tightening/adjustment (usually when it squeaks, sticks, brakes badly etc.)From 15 €
Mechanical repairs/replacement of parts (not including cost of parts, e.g. bending hook, wings, knobs, etc.)From 15 €2 months.
Electrical repairs/panel repairs after moisture penetration and short circuits (often when not switching on or switching on and off etc.)From 50 €2 months.
Battery repair/replacement/restoration (often when it won't charge or turn on or run)From 50 €2 months.
Repair/replacement of throttle/brake leversFrom 15 €2 months.
Repairing the external batteryFrom 50 €2 months.
Replacing brake discs / padsFrom 15 €
Repair/replacement of the support legFrom 10 €2 months.
Defect certificate for the e-scooter for the insurance company (paid by the insurance)25 €

Repair of wheels - price list

Detecting (diagnosing) a wheel fault3 €
Replacing the battery or repairing the electrical part of the wheel (often when it won't charge, won't turn on, spins in one direction, stops accidentally, beeps)From 20 €2 months.
Replacing parts of the wheel bodyFrom 15 €
Repair/replacement of main/control boardFrom 25 €2 months.
Certificate of defect for the insurance company (paid by the insurance)25 €

Electric scooter repairs - common faults

Below, we list the main faults and give advice on what to do. The simplest problems can sometimes be handled by yourself, but in many cases it is necessary to turn to Taisykla7 specialists for reliable e-scooter diagnostics, repairs and troubleshooting. You can read more about how e-scooter repairs are carried out here.

1. Possible faulty scooter battery

JIf the scooter shows signs of life and starts up but does not move, the battery may have been out of charge for a long time. In this case, the scooter or skateboard needs to be left for a significantly longer period of time to recharge. If the problem persists and the battery does not charge after a longer charging period, you can try temporarily applying a higher voltage to excite the battery.

If there is no change in the driving load but the distance travelled has decreased significantly, the battery needs to be replaced. However, bad tyres, uphill driving, etc. can also affect the load. If the tyres are bad or have low air pressure, this can lead to a reduction in speed. Check your tyres.

2. Scooter wheel down

You can buy a new tyre or inner tube from classifieds portals or online shops. Like all parts, they come in both more expensive and higher-quality options and cheaper ones. Changing a tyre requires tools and skills. But you can turn to us, and we'll not only find the parts, we'll replace them too.

3. The scooter's engine is heating up too much

Most new models have a safety mechanism that switches off the engine when it overheats to avoid the consequences. Hot motors indicate that the battery is also hot. This will lead to a shorter battery life or possible battery failure. Switch off the motor and allow it to cool down. Check for damaged wiring. This may indicate a problem with the electrical controller. When there are damaged wires or bad fuses, the motor may still work. However, the battery will be overcharged. This excess power will cause the battery to overcharge. It is necessary to urgent repair of your electric scooter in our workshop.

4. Defective control board

Every electric scooter, skateboard or segway has an electric controller, which is simply a circuit board. It contains all the fuses and connects the wires to it. If a foreign object or water enters the area, the circuits can be damaged. The motor may malfunction or not start at all. If you want to try to repair it yourself, you can try reconnecting any wires that may have come loose. You can also check for popped transistors. However, it is very rare for a problem to be caused by a transistor. In most cases, you will need to bring your scooter to us for a free diagnosis and repair.

5. Bad speed controller, knob

The part needs to be replaced.

6. Faulty e-scooter charger

Plug the charger into an electrical socket and observe the indicator lights. If they are not lit, your charger may be defective. If you want to check more thoroughly, you can use a voltmeter or multimeter to check the output current of the charger. Just note that you should find out the battery voltage before you check. Usually the voltage is 24V, 36V or 48V. In this case, the aim is to check whether the output voltage of the charger is higher than that of your battery. If there is no voltage at all, or only slightly above the battery voltage, then your charger is defective or the voltage is too high for the battery itself. In this case, you can repair your old charger or buy a new one.

7. Other miscellaneous scooter faults

The above are just the most common faults, but problems can arise in many different and unexpected ways.

  • One wheel of a skateboard or electric scooter does not turn.
  • Does not obey commands for leg positions.
  • No going back.
  • Constantly pointing one way or the other.

Whatever the fault, Taisykla7's experts will be there to help you with a professional service Repairing your skateboard or e-scooter.

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