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"Google buys microLED startup developing displays for AR glasses

Although Google Glass was a failure, the company has not abandoned the concept of smart glasses. It has not had much success with new designs on its own, so it has turned to acquiring start-ups to attract new talent and technology. Two years ago, it acquired AR glasses maker North and now Raxium, which develops microLED displays for AR and VR applications. The acquisition price is undisclosed, but... Read More ""Google buys microLED startup developing displays for AR glasses

Moderator sues TikTok

A former TikTok content moderator is suing the social media giant and its parent company ByteDance for allegedly failing to take measures to protect her mental health after she watched hours of traumatising videos that included cannibalism, rape, animal mutilation, and suicide, amongst other disturbing activities. In a proposed class action lawsuit, Candie Frazier, who... Read More "Moderator sues TikTok