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Batteries for electric scooters

The battery and the motor are the two main parts of every e-scooter. The battery can be built into the scooter platform or be part of the mast. The size of your battery will determine how far you can travel on your scooter. The battery status is usually displayed on your screen so that you don't suddenly find yourself with a dead battery.

Speed and power

The size of your engine will determine the speed and the ability of your scooter to climb hills. The bigger the motor, the easier the scooter will climb uphill. Often, scooters with larger motors have one motor in each wheel to help you get through the journey. It's also important to know that bigger motors can reduce the distance you can travel because they use more energy.


Scooters are often folded in a few movements. Read the enclosed instructions to find out the best way to fold it. This allows you to take your scooter with you anywhere.

Starting to drive

Most scooters need a push to gain momentum before the accelerator is applied. Simply kick as you would with a normal scooter, then stand on the platform and let the scooter do the work for you. The brake lever will be operated with the other hand and will work in the same way as a bicycle's brakes, ensuring your safety.

Watts (W) - The sum of volts and amperes is watts.

Ampere hours (Ah) - how many amps the battery can produce per hour. This measurement is often specified in the e-bike specification.

Watt-hours (Wh) - how many watts the battery can produce per hour.