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Tesla could bring big changes to the smartphone market

If you're not an investor, Elon Musk's progression is great fun to watch. Probably more than one has been frustrated with their shares in his companies, especially in relation to the volatility of stocks or cryptocurrencies. But now the game is getting even more interesting: following Apple's announcement of an electric car, Tesla is announcing that it is developing a smartphone with a unique set of features.

Both Tesla and Apple share a similar approach to their markets and both boast similar strengths. Their customers show remarkable loyalty to the Tesla and Apple brands. Both companies make accurate assessments of their markets, and both companies are greedily gobbled up by other large global business sharks seeking to acquire them.

There is a high correlation between iPhone users and Tesla buyers, so if Apple does indeed launch a new electric car that is well integrated into the company's ecosystem, the company could realistically be in danger of cutting off a potentially large portion of Tesla's buyers. Of all Tesla's future competitors, Apple is rightly the most worrying for Musk. "Apple's customers are extremely loyal, the company invests heavily in its marketing and the brand is known worldwide. A formidable competitor indeed.

Finally, Tesla cars interact with smartphones, so Apple could have a huge advantage here and try to win over Tesla consumers by offering them single-branded phones, cars and shared software. Perhaps this is the factor that made Musk think of a Tesla smartphone.

"Tesla Model Pi"

The new phone, possibly called "Tesla Model Pi", will use Qualcomm's high-end Snapdragon 8 series platform, the colour palette will be matched to Tesla cars, and the phone will interact with the manufacturer's vehicles better than any other mobile device.

With all the cutting-edge technology, the first Tesla Model Pi could cost as much as several thousand dollars. Although the price is expected to fall later as more people start using the device. However, not everyone will be able to afford the first version. However, if the Tesla Model Pi phone's software is a little simpler, the price could be in the range of 800-1200 dollars.

It is expected that the official launch will be announced well in advance so that pre-orders can start as soon as possible, but it is difficult to predict the exact date.

Available Tesla Model Pi features

Satellite internet.

  1. Musk is CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX, and the satellite internet service is closely linked to the latter. One could even suggest that the Tesla Model Pi will help finance Musk's Mars colonisation campaign. However, in order to link the new phone to the satellite internet, manufacturers would need to find a way not only to hide the clumsy antenna of satellite phones, but also to ensure a good quality of service from such a small device. One theory is that satellite internet would only work where there are already "Starlink" base, for example in a building. It might one day work in a car too, if a suitable antenna is fitted.

Solar charging.

"Tesla makes solar panels and cars, so this idea doesn't seem completely far-fetched. Of course, it is unlikely that the phone would be powered solely by solar energy, but it could have a Tesla-branded case that would allow the phone to be charged additionally by solar energy.

Vehicle management.

The Tesla app is already available on mobile devices and can be used to perform some basic functions, such as locking and unlocking the car, controlling media playback and calling the car. The app would undoubtedly be pre-installed, or integrated into the operating system of the Tesla Model Pi phone, so that it can be easily accessed via the lock screen or external buttons. It is also very likely that the app will offer unique features exclusively for Tesla mobile phone owners.


Modern phones already use artificial intelligence and have powerful cameras to take good pictures of the sky at night. Combining this technology with SpaceX's technology and integrating it into the Tesla Model Pi will give you a smartphone that can take great photos of astronomical objects.

Cryptocurrency mining.

Musk has spoken about cryptocurrencies before, so it is speculated that the Tesla Model Pi could have a cryptocurrency extraction function. Although Bitcoin is more popular, it is thought that Musk probably prefers an existing Dogecoinand the new Tesla phone might even mine a new currency - Marscoin.

Neuralink support.

The idea of computers and the human brain interacting could still be called science fiction, and the company "Neuralink" is one of the companies developing it. "Neuralink says it is developing the first neural implant that will allow a person to control a computer or mobile device from anywhere. Will the Tesla Model Pi be the first phone to have this feature? It is still a matter of speculation, but given that Musk owns Neuralink, it is safe to assume so.

Specifications and hardware

Everything we have today about Musk's smartphone is speculation, so it is very difficult to say exactly what hardware will be integrated into the new Tesla Model Pi. Of course, all the standard components will certainly be in the phone. Expect 1-2 terabytes (TB) of memory, 16 gigabytes (GB) or more of RAM and a 6.5-inch, active matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) display.

See more about the possible design of the new Tesla Model Pi "ADR STUDIO" on the website.