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Repairing TVs - common faults and solutions

TV repair is a very important service, especially in view of common faults such as internet connection problems, echoing speakers, poor sound quality, loss of picture, screen damage or pixel distortions. These faults can be easily corrected or require more complex repairs, depending on their nature.

Our team has the knowledge and skills to solve these problems. Often minor software updates or small fixes are enough, but sometimes more intensive work is needed. The exact extent of the fault and the possibility of repair can only be determined after an inspection of the equipment. Customers can bring their TVs to our centre or contact us by phone. Buying a new TV is often the more expensive option, while repair is the more cost-effective option. If repairs prove too expensive, we offer customers alternatives.

To simplify the diagnostic process, customers can fill in a form on our website or contact us by phone. Once the form has been completed, a description of the fault can be provided, allowing our technicians to better prepare for the job. Any information about the cause and impact of the fault is useful for finding a solution.

Our technicians have the necessary equipment and experience for most repairs. The duration of the repair depends on the nature and complexity of the fault, but is usually completed within a few hours.

As for the repair time for TVs in Kaunas, it depends on the specific problem. Simple repairs can take an hour, while more complex jobs can take longer. Most repairs are carried out within 1-24 hours of the fault being detected.

The cost of TV repair in Kaunas depends on a number of factors, including the size of the TV, the manufacturer and model, the severity of the fault, and the parts being replaced or repaired.