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What are the most important things to consider when choosing a coffee machine?

The importance of coffee machine capacity

Consider how often and how many cups of coffee you make. For a small family or for personal use, a machine with a medium water tank is suitable. If the coffee machine will be used by a larger group of people, such as a large family or an office, you should choose a model with a larger water capacity.

Coffee machine dimensions

Larger automatic coffee machines are ideal for large rooms. If you have limited space, it's better to choose more compact models.

Coffee machine maintenance

Regular maintenance of your coffee machine is essential to enjoy quality coffee. Different models require different levels of maintenance. It is important to find out how often and with what tools the machine will need to be maintained.

Variety of beverages

Think about the drinks you want to use your coffee machine for: whether it's espresso, milk-based coffee drinks or perhaps hot water for tea. There are coffee machines that allow you to make a wide range of drinks, while other models have limited functionality. It is important to decide in advance which drinks you will mostly make.

Coffee machine price

Coffee machines can cost between tens and thousands of euros. Differences in price are due to various factors. To make the right choice and to understand what determines the price of a coffee machine, familiarise yourself with the main aspects that affect the value of the appliance.


Professional coffee machines for commercial use can be up to 30 times more expensive than household machines and produce up to 100 times more coffee.

Coffee brewing speed

The time it takes to make one cup of coffee varies from around 1 minute to 25 seconds. Machines that produce coffee faster can be up to 10 times more expensive than slower models.


Coffee machines designed for long-term use (10 years or more) typically cost 2-3 times more than standard mass-produced models.