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4 things about printer cartridges

What is a toner cartridge refill?

A refilled cartridge means that only the toner is replaced and the components of the old cartridge are reused.

What is a recycled toner cartridge?

A recycled toner cartridge is one that replaces some or all of the worn parts. How many and which parts are replaced depends on the company that refurbishes the cartridge. These cartridges can be just as good as those from the original manufacturer, but it is advisable to find out a bit more about them before choosing a particular recycled cartridge supplier.

What is a compatible toner cartridge?

A compatible toner cartridge is a new cartridge produced by a third party rather than the original manufacturer. Its internal components may or may not be original, depending on the manufacturer. These toner cartridges may also be of the same quality as the original, but it is worth reading reviews of the cartridge supplier and their products before making a purchase.

How do I distinguish an original toner cartridge?

The original toner cartridge will have the manufacturer's logo and branding on the box, sometimes even on the cartridge itself. Non-original cartridges are usually packaged in a plain box and may be labelled 'for use with' or 'compatible with'.