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Games for your phone

The popularity of phone games has increased dramatically, and the total revenue of games on this device now exceeds that of both consoles and PC games. It's easy to understand: your smartphone is always with you, but your games console or PC is not.

We often have free time when we're waiting for something or when we're travelling and want to be entertained, but it's not convenient to use a smartphone for gaming. Playing a game drains your phone's battery quickly, so when you need your phone, you may not have enough power to use it. If you receive a call, social networking message, email or text while you are playing, it can interfere with your phone.

Finally, the phone was not designed for gaming. The screen controls often get stuck, your fingers cover the screen, and the external controls are often too hard to fit and don't work on all phones due to physical design differences.

The recent advent of head-mounted display systems has further complicated the control of smartphones, as these systems make it difficult to see the phone clearly and to place your fingers properly on the screen, creating the need for a more specialised control solution, where the buttons on the controls are easier to reach and target when you cannot see the remote.

So, as with consoles, in order to provide a better gaming experience than PCs, these specialised wearables aim to do the same for gaming - to provide users with a consumer-oriented device that performs better but without burdening their smartphone.

"Snapdragon G Series launches a portable gaming console:

  • "The Snapdragon G1 is expected to cost around €200 and will be aimed at those who want to stream video and play games from the cloud using a service such as GeForce Now.
  • "Snapdragon G2 is for those who want to play locally and stream content. The G2 has more performance and a higher price tag, likely in the range of €300-400.
  • "The Snapdragon G3 is aimed at hardcore gamers who want a console-like gaming experience and need extra performance in a product likely to cost over €400.