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Maintaining your phone battery

Manufacturers are focusing on improving battery efficiency to meet the growing needs of today's smartphone users, who rely heavily on their devices for a wide range of everyday tasks.

Smartphone battery care starts with proper charging and ends with understanding optimisation. Beyond that, there are a few things you can do to take care of your smartphone battery:

Monitor the condition of the battery: Keeping an eye on your battery can help you spot battery problems earlier. This can save you costs, time and energy because you can deal with problems before they become serious.

Optimise battery performance: Battery optimisation helps save power on your phone by stopping unnecessary "background" apps. It also prevents unused apps from running unnoticed and using battery power. So it helps extend the life of your battery.

Avoid extreme temperatures: To effectively maintain your smartphone battery, you need to avoid places with extreme temperatures. High temperatures can cause the battery to swell or lose functionality. According to Avast, the normal temperature range for phone batteries is between 0°C and 35°C. If the temperature exceeds this limit, move your phone to a cooler place and avoid using it until it cools down.

Try partial charging: Contrary to what many people think, frequent partial charging can be beneficial for lithium-ion batteries. Avoid fully discharging the battery and charge it partially during the day, especially when the capacity is around 20% to 80%, to reduce the load on the battery and prolong its lifetime.

Avoid charging the battery unnecessarily: Disconnecting your phone from the charger when it's fully charged can help prevent overcharging and maintain the health of the battery over time.