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The ABC of coffee machine care: a complete guide to daily and periodic maintenance

Coffee machine maintenance - This is key to enjoying delicious coffee for a long time and ensuring the longevity of the machine. In this article, we will discuss the nuances of coffee machine maintenance, divided into two categories: routine and periodic maintenance.

Daily maintenance

  1. Filling coffee beans and water tanks.
  2. Cleaning the tray of coffee grounds and liquid waste.
  3. Milk system - daily rinsing is compulsory, especially after the preparation of dairy drinks.

Daily maintenance details

  • Filling the beans and water reservoirs ensures that the coffee is always fresh and aromatic.
  • Cleaning the tray of solids and liquid waste helps prevent unpleasant odours and ensures hygiene.
  • Flushing the milk system is a necessary step to prevent milk products from rotting in the machine. This varies depending on the type of milk system (steam tube, automatic cappuccino, special milk container), but in all cases a thorough cleaning after each use is necessary.

Periodic maintenance

  1. Changing the water filter - this helps maintain the quality of the water, which is important for tastier coffee.
  2. The rinse programme is essential for the smooth running and longer life of the machine.
  3. Cleaning of the internal channels and the spitting mechanism ensures smooth machine operation and top quality coffee.

Periodic maintenance details

  • Change the filter every 2 months or depending on the water hardness.
  • Rinsing using special tools is usually carried out every 40 minutes, including exposure to cleaning agents and clean water rinsing the system.
  • Cleaning of the internal channels - to be carried out every 200 cups of coffee or after 2 kg of coffee has been consumed, using cleaning tablets or other recommended means.

Daily and periodic maintenance of your coffee machine is essential to keep it running efficiently and to enjoy quality coffee every day. Proper and regular maintenance of the machine will guarantee its longevity and excellent taste.