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Phone repair process: step by step

Imagine this scenario: your phone experiences a fault. It could be a cracked screen, a battery that suddenly stops charging, or a malfunction in the operating system. The range of faults is wide and varied. Then, without delay, you gather all the necessary documents and visit the phone repair specialists. After an initial check of your phone's condition, you are given a replacement unit and the repair technicians promise to contact you when your phone is fixed. But what is the repair process and how long does it take? This article reveals what happens behind the scenes.

Starting phone repairs Repairing phones is a structured and orderly process. Each new phone that is brought in is neatly arranged and organised in a sequence. Once the phone has been assigned to a specific specialist, an initial visual inspection begins. This looks for external damage and defects and makes a preliminary determination of the cause of the fault. The phone is then categorised into one of three categories: warranty, insurance or post-warranty repair.

Correction categories In the case of a warranty, the manufacturer or operator will bear the cost. A more detailed diagnosis is carried out after an initial inspection. For insured repairs, depending on the type of insurance (whole phone or screen only), the necessary replacement parts are identified or a discounted purchase of a new phone is considered. In the post-warranty case, the customer bears the entire cost and decides whether the repair is economically justified.

The repair process Regardless of the category, all cases start with the manufacturer's initial diagnostic (IQC). This is done by connecting the phone to a computer which analyses faults and other malfunctions. Based on the information obtained, repairs are initiated: replacing the parts that caused the fault, updating the firmware. In the case of insured repairs, an estimate is drawn up and approved by the insurance company. In the case of post-warranty repairs, the customer decides whether to proceed with the repair according to the estimate provided.

Returning your repaired phone At the end of the repair, a final manufacturer's diagnostic (OQC) is performed. This procedure checks all possible functions and performs calibrations. The phone is then thoroughly cleaned and prepared for return to the customer by installing the latest version of the operating system. This ensures that, regardless of the type of repair, the repaired phone is returned in perfect working order.