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How to choose the right printer cartridge

Many of us have a printer at home that we use for study or work. It is important to replace the printer cartridges regularly to keep the device running smoothly. However, we often encounter problems such as cartridges expiring prematurely or buying the wrong model. Although choosing the right cartridge seems straightforward, printer owners often don't know where to start. Here are some tips on how to choose a printer cartridge.

Is it better to buy a new one or fill up an old one?

Refilling the printer cartridge is meaningless. As the number of cartridge manufacturers grows and their prices fall, refilling the cartridge becomes less cost-effective. In addition, refilling a cartridge carries the risk of damaging its components. When buying a new cartridge, not only the ink powder is replaced, but also the other components, ensuring high print quality.

How to choose the right cartridge model?

When choosing a cartridge, it is important to know that different printers require different cartridges. The cartridge model can be found on the old cartridge or by looking for information on printer and cartridge compatibility.

Which cartridge best suits your printing needs?

It's important to consider how often you print. If you print infrequently, standard capacity cartridges will do. However, frequent users can opt for larger capacity cartridges, which are more cost-effective and have a higher page yield.

Is it worth it to choose original cartridges?

Original cartridges are designed specifically for printers and usually cost more because of manufacturers' advertising and other costs. However, non-original printer-compatible cartridges are an alternative, which can save costs and perform as well as the originals.