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The ecology of recycled cartridges

A laser printer cartridge can be expensive, especially if you buy a new one. But there is a quality and cost-effective alternative - recycled cartridges. What do you do with empty printer cartridges? Do you throw them away or return them to companies for recycling? Many companies offer shipping packages so that you can send a cartridge for recycling.

Instead of throwing the cartridges away, they can be cleaned and used for four or five more print cycles. This is what recycling companies do. They assemble the empty cartridges, check the technical parts and then fill them with high-quality ink. Each cartridge is carefully checked for cracks or other problems that could lead to ink leakage. The cartridge is also checked for proper functioning. The refilled cartridge is then repackaged and sold to consumers at a significantly lower price than new cartridges.

Producing a new cartridge requires a lot of plastic and natural resources. The plastic comes from petroleum or crude oil. As our oil resources are limited, it is essential to reduce the amount of petrochemicals used in order to preserve our planet for future generations.

Therefore, using recycled laser printer cartridges is a more environmentally friendly option and also the most cost-effective. If you own a printer and use it frequently for large-scale printing, you can significantly reduce your costs by choosing only recycled cartridges. These affordable alternatives are available for printers from a wide range of manufacturers including HP, Brother, Canon and other well-known brands. If you buy a recycled cartridge, you may be surprised by its quality. There really isn't much difference between recycled and original cartridges.