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The most common phone faults


The risk of corrosion is high due to the seawater, agricultural and industrial chemicals and various liquids that can get into our phones. It is recommended to clean your phone, especially near the charging and headphone jacks, to prevent corrosion. This helps to reduce system malfunctions, broken buttons and poor sound quality.


Poor battery condition is a problem that mostly affects smartphones because of their limited battery life. An undercharged battery cannot power all the components of the phone, which eventually leads to the phone shutting down. The best way to deal with battery problems is to go to a reliable or reputable phone repair shop. They will do an assessment of the battery and tell you if it needs replacing.

Display problems

Broken or cracked screens are the most common problems faced by mobile phone users. The two most common causes are falls from medium heights and falls from high places. A fall can cause the touchscreen to crack or completely lose its functionality. If your phone has a cracked screen, you should contact a phone repair centre immediately.

Touchscreen problems

We all know how convenient touchscreens are, but they are also quite sensitive and prone to damage. Although they need minimal protection to function, they are not completely immune to physical damage. The most common cause of touchscreen problems is liquid spillage or blunt force trauma, which renders the screen insensitive or inoperable.

Software problems

Software problems are usually caused by an incorrect software update or a virus or malware attack. Your phone repair specialist will first perform a diagnostic to identify the problem. If the problem is related to faulty software, a software update will be performed to fix the problem.

Charging problems

Smartphones need to be charged to last longer. But charging problems are more common than we think, especially when the phone has been dropped. The difference between a damaged charging socket and a faulty charger are the charging indicators. If the charger indicator lights up when you insert the charger, but the phone won't charge, the charging socket may be at fault and you should visit your nearest phone repair shop.

Water damage

Water damage is the last thing you want to see on your phone. Water damage is caused by accidentally dropping your phone in water or splashing it with liquids. The best way to fix water damage is to dry your phone as soon as possible. However, sometimes even drying your phone can't save it, and that's when you need the help of a phone repair specialist.