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New Dell BIOS updates cause laptops and desktops to stop working

Recent Dell BIOS updates are reportedly causing serious problems in several notebook and desktop models.

The affected models are Dell Latitude laptops (5320 and 5520), Dell Inspiron 5680 and Alienware Aurora R8 desktop computers.

Customer messages shared on social media platforms, including the official Dell Community website, warn that the latest BIOS version (version 1.14.3 for Latitude laptops, version 2.8.0 for Inspiron laptops and version 1.0.18 for Aurora R8 laptops) is causing booting problems.

Although the affected systems turn on, users report that lights and screens do not turn on. Once the computers are booted, they will immediately display a blue screen and shut down.

"Today, after updating my 5320 BIOS to the new version 1.14.3, the laptop will not boot. When the power button is pressed, the light on the power button stays on for about 10 seconds and then switches off again", said the affected customer.

"Sometimes the whole keyboard lights up but the laptop switches off shortly afterwards, but sometimes the laptop switches on and shows the error "Time of day not set - run SETUP" and then the laptop switches off again when you click "Continue". The laptop has turned on several times, but showed a blue screen for a while before turning off."

Possible unofficial solution: a BIOS downgrade

Until Dell releases an update that fixes the bugs causing the boot problems, it is possible to fix the problem by downgrading the BIOS to an earlier firmware version.

Some users shared by detailed procedures that can be used to downgrade the BIOS to an older version using SupportAssist OS Recovery to resolve the issue.