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Keeping your smartphone clean

Regular cleaning and maintenance

It may not seem like it, but smartphones collect dust. A close analysis of smartphone users shows that people carry their phones everywhere. This may be convenient, but it means that smartphones are exposed to lots of dust particles.

Clean the screen and housing: Of all the parts of the phone, the screen and the body are the most sensitive to dust. It is therefore very important to clean these parts as often as possible. Simply wipe the surface of the screen or case with a dry, soft cloth.

Remove dust and debris from the sockets: Sockets are open spaces that connect the internal parts of your phone to the external environment. These cavities often collect dust and debris and need to be cleaned regularly to maintain your phone. It is recommended to avoid moisture when cleaning the slots. You should also make sure that your phone is switched off and not connected to an electrical source. When you are ready, use a thin and sturdy but not sharp object to remove debris from the socket.

Clean the camera lens: To clean your camera lens, first apply a small amount of lens cleaning fluid to a cloth and wipe the lens. To remove any remaining dust particles, you can wipe the lens again with a dry cloth.

Use the case and screen protector: This is the last step to protect your phone from damage and dirt. The screen protector and phone case act as shock absorbers. So when you put them on, any damage to your phone does not directly affect the device. For example, if your phone is dropped on the ground, the screen protector may shatter, but not the screen itself. And you can easily replace the screen protector and the case if they're damaged too much. This means your phone gets both protection and customisation to suit your tastes.