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The importance of service and coffee machine maintenance

The service is vital for several reasons:

  1. Health protection: Leaky coffee machines can become a hotbed of damp and mould. Mould can cause respiratory or digestive problems such as bloating, especially in people with weaker immunity. Mould can also damage parts of the appliance, leading to higher repair costs.
  2. Better taste and lower risk of acidity: A malfunctioning coffee machine can produce a drink that is too acidic, increasing the acidity of the stomach. In addition, deviations in technical parameters or worn gaskets reduce the intensity of the coffee aroma.
  3. Financial benefits: Regular servicing avoids costly repairs, such as replacing the control board, which can be caused by small amounts of moisture. In addition, proper maintenance ensures the highest quality coffee is produced, thus avoiding wasting money on a poor product.
  4. Convenience and comfort: A great-performing machine allows you to enjoy your coffee at home, avoiding the queues and noise of public places, saving you not only money but also allowing you to relax in your own space.

Coffee machine service time

It is recommended to carry out maintenance annually or every two years. If you notice increased vibration, unusual sounds or smells, water dripping, increased steam, changes in milk foam or programme malfunctions, these may be signs that servicing is needed.