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Common TV screen faults

Dead pixels

One of the most annoying things is dead pixels in the centre of the screen. Whether they are black or green, these pixels are a major detriment to your viewing experience. But before you think it's a dead pixel, make sure that it's actually a dead pixel and that it might just be a stuck pixel. Trapped pixels are often caused by transistor failures; they can be of different colours and in the wrong place. If a pixel dies, the TV should be sent to a TV repair shop as it will not be repaired without the right tools and knowledge. This is to make sure that it is not just dirt on the screen. You may be surprised at how often a tiny speck of dust or dirt looks like a dead pixel, so before you think you have a serious problem, clean the screen and then test it by watching a movie or series. If you are missing pixels in certain media, the problem may be connectivity related.

Colour distortion

If the colours on your screen appear distorted, your TV may not be working properly. Usually this problem occurs gradually, which means you may not notice the difference at first. This happens for a simple reason - the colour can fade over time. There can also be problems with 'ghost' colours; if there are shades of grey in areas that should be completely white, you can be sure that this is the problem. Colour distortion is quite easy to correct, so don't despair.

Bands and lines

If you start to see bars or lines on your screen, it usually means there's a problem with the connection. This can happen if something magnetic is placed next to the TV, which in turn can severely distort the picture and even damage the magnetism of the screen. The problem can also be caused by a loose cable to the TV, which is easy to fix, although it may require professional TV repairs as the TV may need to be dismantled. The lines or bars are usually horizontal, so the problem is easy to spot, especially if it occurs suddenly.

Screen image blurring

Another common problem is when the image displayed on the screen appears unclear or blurry. Fine details are often lost and the picture quality is poor, which can quickly turn your enjoyable movie-watching experience into an unpleasant and stressful one. This problem can occur if the incoming signal is a digital standard (480p), because the resolution and the display do not match. Please also note that the digital signal received by your TV may also be affected by weather conditions, which can cause the picture to appear hazy and blurred.