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Computer repairs

What is a hard drive and what does it do?

An office worker can use a computer with a small hard drive if he needs to store only simple text files. However, an independent film editor or digital artist may require a larger hard drive to accommodate all video and photo files. When we refer to "small" or "large" hard drives, we are not referring to their physical size, but to their capacity, i.e. how much data they can hold... Read More "What is a hard drive and what does it do?

Types of computers and how they differ

Desktop computers Desktop computers are designed to work on or near a desk. They are usually larger and more powerful than other types of personal computers. The main component, called the system unit, is usually a rectangular box that sits on or under the desk. Other parts such as the monitor, mouse and keyboard connect to the system unit. Laptops Laptops are... Read More "Types of computers and how they differ

Tips to keep your computer in good working order

Clean your equipment Dust, dirt and debris can clog your computer's fans, vents and connections, causing overheating, noise and damage. To avoid this, you should clean your equipment at least once every six months, or more often if you use your computer in dusty environments. You will need a soft cloth, a can of compressed air and a screwdriver to open the case. Before you start, make sure... Read More "Tips to keep your computer in good working order

Computer repair options

Assessing the complexity of the repair Some computer repair tasks are relatively simple and require only basic knowledge and skills, such as replacing the battery, upgrading the RAM or cleaning the fan. However, there are more complex repairs that involve delicate or intricate actions such as soldering, reflowing or replacing the motherboard, screen or keyboard. If you don't have the confidence or experience to... Read More "Computer repair options

Regular computer maintenance

Avoid overheating your device Locate your computer in a place at home or in the office where there is good airflow, leaving a few centimetres of empty space on each side of the device. Leaving more space around your computer helps prevent overheating, which extends the life of the device. Placing papers or other objects on top of the computer can also cause overheating, so keep your workspace tidy... Read More "Regular computer maintenance

Software updates and changing passwords

Antivirus update Whenever an antivirus update comes out, you should install it the same day to remove malware. These updates introduce new software features or improve existing ones. You can usually set an automatic update, but if you receive a notification from your antivirus software, you should update it as soon as possible. Change your passwords regularly One of the easiest ways for hackers to... Read More "Software updates and changing passwords

Computer maintenance

How to keep your computer in good condition and keep it running for longer Computer maintenance means regularly cleaning your computers, updating your hard disk and preventing viruses. Properly maintained computers can last between five and eight years, but this period can be significantly reduced if appropriate measures are not taken to protect the device. This is why computer maintenance is so important.... Read More "Computer maintenance

Hardware problems

Computers face a variety of technical problems, so here are some of the most common ones. 1. Memory problems Computer memory failures can cause a wide range of problems, from system slowdowns to sudden shutdowns of applications. A very common symptom is a blue screen of death (blue screen of death) with white text showing error codes and a description. 2. Hard drive failure Hard drive... Read More "Hardware problems

Computer screen connector faults

Computer display connector failures are often caused by a malfunctioning or loose connection between the video cable and the display adapter. It can be difficult to diagnose exactly what is causing the fault, as there may be several causes. To start troubleshooting, it is important to check that all connectors are securely connected and properly seated in their sockets. If the connectors appear to be connected correctly, it is likely that... Read More "Computer screen connector faults

Computer speakers not working

Your computer's speakers may not work for various reasons. From hardware faults to software compatibility issues, there are many things that can cause your computer's speakers to not work as expected. The most common hardware-related causes of computer speakers not working are loose or damaged cable connectors, faulty power adapters and dust build-up on the inside of the device. In addition,... Read More "Computer speakers not working