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Regular computer maintenance

Avoid overheating the device

Choose a place in your home or office where your computer has good airflow, leaving a few centimetres of empty space on either side of the device. Leaving more space around your computer helps prevent overheating, which extends the life of the device.

Placing papers or other objects on top of your computer can also cause overheating, so keep your workstation tidy and organized.

Support wiring arrangements

Fraying wires can collect dust and easily damage your computer. Cord management kits and other tools will help you to tidy up your workspace. It will also save you time and cause less stress the next time you unplug your computer.

Do not leave the device permanently connected to charge

When working with a laptop, we often leave it charging overnight. While this won't damage the device, one of the best ways to maintain battery life is to unplug it when it's charged. You should also remove the battery if you do not intend to use the device for a month or more to extend its life.

Keep food and drink away from your computer

Spilling one can of drink can damage the unit. While it is nice to enjoy a cup of coffee while using your computer, always avoid eating or drinking near your computer to reduce the risk of computer fusion.

Avoid spam when browsing the internet

If a strange email or unexpected pop-up appears in your inbox while you're surfing the web, don't open it. Opening these advertisements or files can severely damage your device and compromise your files and privacy.

Like a car, your computer needs regular maintenance to keep it working properly. Regular computer maintenance can significantly extend the life of your device and help you surf the internet more safely.