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How to choose the right printer from a wide range of options?

To start, ask yourself a few basic questions:
  • How many pages do you intend to print per month?
  • Is colour printing required?
  • Are additional functions such as copying or scanning important to you?
  • How many people plan to use the printer?
When choosing a printer, consider the following:
  1. If you are not going to print in colour, don't bother buying a colour printer - it will save you money.
  2. If you plan to print infrequently, less than once a month, an inkjet printer may not be the right choice, as the ink dries and can cause problems.
  3. Avoid printers with unused features such as scanning, copying, duplexing, faxing, automatic sheet feeding, WiFi, etc. The more features, the higher the chance of failure and the higher the price.
  4. Find out how much printer cartridges cost and how many pages they can print. It is important to know the cost per copy and compare it with other printers.
  5. Look for opportunities to buy alternative cartridges or refill your old ones, which can significantly reduce your costs.
  6. Avoid the latest printer models as they often do not have alternative cartridges, which means more expensive or harder to find cartridges.
  7. Avoid printers with extra-large cartridges if you will be doing a small amount of printing, as they will cost a lot and are unlikely to pay for themselves.
  8. Don't buy a printer based on looks or size if cost-effectiveness and quality are key - exclusivity costs extra.