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Maintaining your coffee machine: the secrets to longer life and perfect taste

Once you have bought a coffee machine, whatever its size, it is essential to maintain it properly and store it carefully so that you can enjoy the refreshing aroma of coffee every morning. Regular maintenance of your coffee machine is just as important as changing the oil in your car - it keeps your machine running longer and smoother. It is therefore recommended that all coffee machine owners seriously consider preventive maintenance and servicing plans.

Here are the five most important reasons to keep your coffee machine clean and to have a timely preventive check:

  1. Coffee soot and grease are the biggest threats. The natural oils in the coffee beans give the drink a pleasant taste, but they also accumulate in parts of the machine, which can impair its performance and control. This often manifests itself as an unpleasant, bitter taste that is very different from the taste of real coffee.
  2. Moisture makes coffee machines a breeding ground for mould and bacteria. Although the human body is normally able to fight them off, if immunity is weakened and mould grows to a certain level, serious health risks can result. Drinking coffee with mould spores can cause respiratory and gastrointestinal problems such as bloating. A change in the taste and smell of coffee is a sign that mould has accumulated.
  3. If you don't clean and scrub hard-to-see or inaccessible areas of the coffee machine, the accumulated residue can harden and act as glue to bind moving parts together, causing breakage of parts of the coffee press. This results in high costs for replacing parts.
  4. When the water is heated, minerals called lime build up inside the machine. These can build up on any component that flows through the water, slowing down the performance of the coffee machine - this includes water flow, circulation and the efficiency of the brewing unit. This not only increases the brewing time, but also the amount of electricity consumed. Difficult water flow, lower coffee temperature, bitterness and increased acidity are signs that the machine needs to be descaled.
  5. Comprehensive hygiene of the coffee machine, through regular cleaning of the exterior and other accessible parts and the use of high quality water, not only ensures better quality coffee but also significantly extends the life of the machine.

Regular daily maintenance and regular preventive services will ensure that your coffee machine stays in perfect condition for longer.