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The history of mobile phones

Mobile phones, especially smartphones, have become our inseparable companions. But what you may not know is that the history of the mobile phone goes back as far as 1908, when a patent for a cordless phone was issued in the US state of Kentucky. Mobile phones were invented as early as the 1940s, when engineers at AT&T developed the parts for mobile phone base stations. The first mobile phones were not actually mobile phones. They were two-way... Read More "The history of mobile phones

The most common phone faults

Corrosion The risk of corrosion is high due to the seawater, agricultural and industrial chemicals and various liquids that can get into our phones. It is recommended to clean your phone, especially near the charging and headphone jacks, to prevent corrosion. This helps to reduce system malfunctions, broken buttons and poor sound quality. Battery Poor battery condition is a problem that most often... Read More "The most common phone faults

Games for your phone

The popularity of phone games has increased dramatically, and the total revenue of games on this device now exceeds that of both consoles and PC games. It's easy to understand: your smartphone is always with you, but your games console or PC is not. We often have free time when we're waiting for something or when we're travelling and want to be entertained, but using a smartphone for gaming is not... Read More "Games for your phone

How does your phone react to the cold?

Some mobile phone manufacturers do not guarantee that their devices will work properly in cold weather, while others claim that their phones can function smoothly even in extreme cold such as -20 degrees Celsius. So which of these phones are more resilient to winter conditions, and which ones are better left outdoors during the cold season? "Apple finds that... Read More "How does your phone react to the cold?

Using your phone safely

Charge your phone with original or high-quality chargers and cables. This ensures that your phone gets the right amount of power and maintains battery performance. Avoid charging your phone for too long; disconnect it when charging reaches 100%. Keep your phone's battery level between 20% and 80% for optimal performance. Switch off unnecessary features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and local services when they are not needed... Read More "Using your phone safely

Maintaining your phone battery

Manufacturers are focusing on improving battery efficiency to meet the growing needs of today's smartphone users, who rely heavily on their devices for a wide range of everyday tasks. Smartphone battery care starts with understanding how to charge the battery properly to optimising it. In addition, there are a few things you can do to take care of your smartphone battery: Monitor the battery status. Read More "Maintaining your phone battery

Keeping your smartphone clean

Regular cleaning and maintenance It may not seem like it, but smartphones collect dust. A close analysis of smartphone users shows that people carry their phones everywhere. This may be convenient, but it means that smartphones are exposed to lots of dust particles. Clean the screen and the case: of all the parts of your phone, the most susceptible to dust are the screen and the body... Read More "Keeping your smartphone clean

Phone repair process: step by step

Imagine this scenario: your phone experiences a fault. It could be a cracked screen, a battery that suddenly stops charging, or a malfunction in the operating system. The range of faults is wide and varied. Then, without delay, you gather all the necessary documents and visit the phone repair specialists. After an initial check of your phone's condition, you're given a replacement unit and the repair technicians promise to contact you when your phone is... Read More "Phone repair process: step by step

Defects in your phone's camera

An increasingly common problem with phone cameras is a defect called "lens flash". Lens flare occurs when bright light hits the camera lens and creates an unwanted reflection or halo in the photo. In extreme cases, this can lead to overexposure or even image distortion. Lens flares are particularly problematic for photographers who use phone cameras, as they can lead to... Read More "Defects in your phone's camera